Tips for an Efficient Move-Out Day

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and so is the student housing move out date. The stress of moving out compounds the already enormous stress of studying for and completing finals. Therefore, save yourself from future anxiety by prepping for the big move. Here are a few tips to make the moving just a little easier for you:


1. Make a list. Be sure it includes everything you will need to use on the day you move eg. hygiene products. This way you will not put your toothbrush at the bottom of a box and then pack it. I have had to buy new ones for this reason and it's totally avoidable. Lists are so easy.

2. Save space in any way you can. This may seem obvious, but are you still folding your clothes instead of rolling them? Because if so, you haven't taken this advice. However, my favorite way of saving space is just by getting rid of stuff. Then, the extra space you have carries over to the new place and that is thrilling. Make a donations box any time you pack anything to gleefully get rid of your stuff to a good cause. Also, see if there's anything in your belongings that would make a good gift for anyone you know or just re-gift your own life.

3. Organize your space. Try to give each box a theme of any kind. It will be much easier to unpack if you have a basic idea of where your belongings are. Also, it will be less overwhelming to begin unpacking if you can just say, “I'll start by unpacking all the school related items today.” Or honestly, whatever other thing. You can separate everything by color if you want. This tip may seem arbitrary but it is so important. When you're done organizing everything, label it. You'll thank me when you will be able to know at a glance where your underwear is.

4. Change your mailing address. This is more of a reminder than anything, but make a list of every service that mails stuff to your current address and update them to your new location. Add to this list every time you write your address down for something and you'll never miss your mail again... at least in theory. You can do this a couple days in advance of your move. 

5. Call your parents (or whoever is helping you ove) before the day of. Let them know weeks or even months before the actual move out day that they will be expected to help pack you up. It's much easier to agree to something five months from now than something five minutes from now. Plus, you don't want people hating you while they're doing you a big favor. That can create a very uncomfortable atmosphere that is best avoided.

6. Pack unessential items early. You can pack up most of your clothes, books, extra blankets, etc. several days or even a week before you move out. This way, you are leisurely packing a few items a day instead of hurriedly packing everything you own all at once. It's also a good way to avoid making you hate yourself at the last minute for procrastinating.

7. Don't pack your cleaning supplies! You are going to need to scrub a school year’s worth of accumulated grime out of this dorm or apartment before you leave. I promise you, it'll be much more substantial than you expect it to be. Leave paper towels, bleach, and whatever else you can use to clean out or put them on top of an easily accessible box.

8. When you move, your goal is to get it over with as quickly as possible. But, put on some music and enjoy yourself a little bit! Eat when you're hungry, drink when you're thirsty and breathe when you're frustrated. Try not to get into a testy cycle with your friends or family while you're moving. Remember to use this as an experience to bond! You're sharing an important moment and you should keep that in mind. Try to enjoy yourself and remember that it'll all be over soon.