Tamir Hershko: Beyond the Court

The University of California-Irvine Men’s Volleyball team ranked number four across the nation, after they won against Pepperdine University on Saturday, April 8. Her Campus had the pleasure of interviewing some of their players. We got to sit down with senior, Tamir Hershko a few days before the team celebrated senior night.

Tamir Hershko is a senior electrical engineer major from Israel. He has been around volleyball is whole life, and explained how the sport became an integrated part of his life. “My dad was a player and my mom used to play. My dad was a coach, and as a kid I always went to the gym with him. I think I joined my first team around thirteen.”   Although Tamir has been playing volleyball for several years now, he has had to face a few challenges and setbacks. "Last year, I was injured for a big chunk of the season. I injured my knee, and I wasn’t able to play for a few months. It was pretty tough.” The feeling of not being able to play for a large part of the season was definitely hard for him.  Although it was difficult experience, Hersko never thought once about giving up volleyball. His love for the sport goes beyond what you see on the court. Off the court, Hershko focuses his time on classes because they can sometimes be demanding and time consuming. But, he luckily has a go to Starbucks location in Newport Beach that keeps him focused on his work.The inspiration behind being an electrical engineering major stemmed from the fact his mom is also an electrical engineer. “I always loved math and physics, so it was the natural choice.”

His favorite memories at UCI are with his teammates because of all the memories and inside jokes they share together. Most of his time is spent with his teammates, as they do practice and travel together for most of the school year.

We asked Hershko if he ever got homesick, but thanks to his teammates it is not too bad. "I think my first year was the toughest, since then I grew up and I got used to this place. I learned the language since.”

At the end of the school year, Hershko will be graduating and going on to pursue a career in volleyball. "I wish I could be home for a little bit, but I want to keep playing volleyball. And the season starts around August. I will probably get to be home for a month, and within that month I will play with the national team.”

Any hidden talents? Chinese  yo-yo

Favorite food from back home? That’s easy, hummus. But not the hummus here. You cannot call that the same thing. It’s not that it is bad. It’s just not hummus.

Favorite food in the U.S.? Cream cheese bagel and avocado

If you were trapped on an island what three things would you take? My girlfriend, Thomas, and a girl for Thomas * (This was all chosen with the help of Thomas who asked if he could come along)

It is very inspiring to see that Tamir is a very courageous and persistent person for continuing a sport he loves. As he continues his career in volleyball, we have no doubt he will continue to pour is heart and soul into each game he plays.