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Finals are over and winter break is officially here! 

This means more time to focus on personal health that has been left as a second priority. The past couple of weeks definitely took a toll on my workout routine. My sleeping schedules were inconsistent and my motivation to get moving wasn’t at its best. Now that we are moving into the holiday season, I want to make sure my physical health is in good shape (especially for the holiday meals and desserts). Here are some things to keep you motivated to stay fit during this time:

Cute Workout Clothes

Having the right choice of clothing for the occasion changes everything. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable to get moving might just be the motivation you need to get started. Workout clothing can be pricey, but there are affordable and cute options to choose from as well. Here are some options with price ranges:

H&M Seamless Sports Bralette - $9.99

Cotton On Rib Pocket ⅞ Tight - $39.99

Lululemon Choose a Side Short *Reversible 3” - $68.00

Outdoor Voices Criss Cross Bralette - $58.00

Workout Mat

For a long time I didn’t see the need for a workout mat; however, they can definitely benefit your workout routine. Workout mats provide a cushion for floor based exercises. This protects your back and helps you to avoid any injuries. Plus, they come in different colors and styles.  

Make a Routine and Write Out Your Goals

One way that I like to get motivated is by writing out what I want to get done including dates and times. For example, leg day on Monday mornings. Writing specific and measurable goals creates a clear way to track down if you got it done. This helps me stay consistent and develop a routine that functions with my schedule. Feel free to switch it up every now and then. 

I hope some of these ideas inspire you to stay fit this winter break. Happy Holidays!

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Britney is a junior transfer majoring in Psychology at University of California Irvine.
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