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Spring Forward from Your Winter Wardrobe

It’s more difficult than you think. You’re moving from bundling up in knitted scarves and leg-high boots to summer-esque dresses and jean shorts.
How can you be prepared? It would be simpler if winter and spring were a clean-cut transition. With the location of our UCI campus, OC weather can always be sea-sawed with breezy beach days to blustery rainy nights to the greatest extreme. Just because you’re in spring quarter, doesn’t mean the weather will be like spring quarter. If only the weather were as defined as the quarter system…
Layering is a nifty way to prepare you for the bipolar weather days at UCI. By having a tee under a leather jacket, or a cami under your cardigan, the options are endless. Layering not only prepares you for the heat in the peak hours of the day to the cooler evening on campus, but you can look great and be prepared for weather’s random tangents at the same time. Yes, it is possible to obtain the best of both worlds.

Accessorizing with color is probably the simplest first step to changing up your wardrobe. By trading in your typical black tights for bright fuchsia or teal ones, it will spruce up any standard winter outfit, and help you steer away from the grays and blacks. Switch up your scarves for a bright yellow or a flowery pattern that will accentuate your ensemble. Even painting a Barbie pink or Queen of Heart’s-approved red will be the perfect subtle touch of spring on your nails. By merely exchanging just one article of clothing or accessory in your outfit for a brighter shade, you can bring a balance of keeping in style and also swirling in the right amount of pigment to look ready for spring.
Bring out those shorts. Shorts are not exclusively for warmer months anymore. By wearing knee high socks or patterned tights with a nice pair of mocha oxfords, you can ditch the habitual jeans and high boots. There are countless colors and styles of shorts, such as black, khaki, and of course, the effortless jean to align with your style. So don’t be afraid to show off your legs.
With the right shoes, tights, and socks, shorts are a great way to inch into the summer feel without feeling freezing cold.
Tie in spring pieces. But gradually. Watch out for stores that are rolling out the spring items already. There’s really no point in waiting until June to wear them when summer clothes are coming our way. But remember to reel them in one at a time! Too much spring plastered on your wardrobe may be too tacky. To integrate your new spring pieces, wear your winter leggings with a floral dress or a cute tunic with some colorful flats, or just sport a flowery cardigan with jeans and a shirt.
So take advantage of this season shift and rework your wardrobe! By being more fashion-savvy about spring and summer ensembles, you’ll be spending more time out in the sun, and less time diving through your fall and winter clothes for something to wear. So let’s ring in the new fashion season.

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