Socially Distant Date Ideas For Valentine's Day

It has been almost one year since this pandemic started. Almost every store or theater is closed and I miss how life used to be. 

With Valentine’s and Galentine's Day coming up, here are some typical dates that can be done in a socially distant world.

Zoom Movie Night

Personally, I am counting down the days until I can go back to the movie theater again. I just want to have a soda bigger than my head. Since we do virtually everything on zoom, why not movies? 

My favorite Valentine’s Day movie is Isn’t it Romantic? starring Rebel Wilson. This movie makes fun of romantic comedies while being a perfect example of one. They also go outside of the normal clichés, like having a plus-size leading lady and a skinny best friend.

Rebel Wilson plays Natalie, a young architect whose mother told her from a very young age that she will never be loved because she will never be beautiful. (Talk about Mother of the Year!)

Natalie hates romantic comedies and rants to her best friend about them. Soon, she bumps her head and wakes up inside of a romantic comedy. 

A new world where her next door neighbor turned into her gay best friend. Her small apartment nearly tripled in size. Even, her dog looks better in this version.

They use references and even have clips of other romantic comedies. By the end of the movie, you feel so much for her that you only want her to be happy.

Multiplayer Games

Although not everyone plays video games, there are many games where you can play with other people. It’s the opportunity to visit other worlds while in your living room: whether it be Minecraft, Animal Crossing, or another.

If not for the pandemic, I would be recommending a museum visit, and Animal Crossing has a virtual one (with nothing to pay for parking). I love the art exhibit as some of the pieces remind me of the Getty Villa.

Additionally, Nintendo has an app that allows you to call one another, without using your data plan. It is really cute and I use it to talk to my old coworkers and friends.

Virtual Game Night

The closest thing that you can get to playing an arcade would be to play games online. This way, you can still get that competitive feel or even play to spend time with one another.

Another instance to use Zoom for something other than school or meetings. There are websites like JackBox Games or board games that are also online, like Codenames. Some cost money to play, but most are free.

Board games are my kryptonite (being the youngest, may have made me competitive) and it is great that there are online versions to play with others. 

Have a Socially Distant Picnic

Picnics are some of the most romantic events. You can plan a whole lunch with drinks and dessert or you can pick up some take-out. This is where you can get creative with the food or even the place settings.

If you could match the masks to the blanket, that would be so cute. Also, I learned (from TikTok) that wine glasses can be used as personal cake cutters. 

Because Disneyland is Closed...

A date at Disneyland is so much fun. Of course, I am going to recommend you get them their favorite scent from the park (the water from the Pirates of the Carribean ride), but I am still a sucker for a movie night.

There is a television show on Disney+, Imagineering, which tells the story of how the theme parks came to be. This would be a cute movie night, to binge the first season with some Mickey ice cream bars.

Valentine’s Day often gets overshadowed by money when it should be about your relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic. These are simple, but effective ways to spend time with one another without having to rob a bank. However, that could be a fun activity for the next holiday.

I hope this will help you have a safe Valentine’s Day. Here’s to hoping next year we’ll be able to watch Valentine’s Day movies from a movie theater and not on our couch.