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Sara Huete ’18

Name: Sara Huete

Major: Biology

Age: 18

Year: 2nd

Hometown: Union City

Relationship Status: Single

Campus Involvements: I’m on the UCI Lacrosse Club team, I have a fellowship with the Crossroads Campus Ministry, and I’m involved with a local church in Costa Mesa.

What are your hobbies?I’m really interested in photography and I’m also trying to pick up guitar again. I played in middle school but I had to drop it because I had a lot going on.

Favorite food and TV show:My favorite food is probably between Italian and Thai food because they are super great and delicious. My favorite TV shows right now are Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder. I binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy in like one whole summer and I’m on season 2 right now with How to Get Away with Murder.

What made you decide to join lacrosse?Well I really wanted to join a club or sports team and I was looking at soccer and lacrosse. I had heard of lacrosse from my friends back home and I tried it out here. The girls were really welcoming and I picked it up pretty well so I stayed. It’s nice because the girls are like my family and it’s also good for me to be doing something athletic.

What made you choose UCI?I was choosing between UCI and UC Davis and I knew UCI was really good in the sciences. Once I visited, I was hooked and it seemed so beautiful. It seemed like a great college campus and the campus tour guides were so welcoming. It felt like the perfect atmosphere for me. It was just the right fit. …and it’s close to Disneyland so that’s great too.

What is your favorite place on campus ?It’s going to sound lame but I actually really like Ayala. It’s really nice and even though it’s a really intense place to study, it’s cool to see all the college students come together and experience this together. We all have finals and tests to study for so it’s a good reminder that we’ll experience similar stress. I also like Aldrich Park even though we only really use it to go to our classes. It’s such a beautiful park and I like being in nature. It’s a good way to relieve stress and it also provides a great aesthetic to the campus.

Do you have a favorite memory at UCI?One of my favorite memories was when my roommate and I decided to walk around Ring Road at night and we had really deep conversations. It was so peaceful because Irvine is a pretty safe campus and I felt at home.

Do you know what you want to do after college?I really want to go to medical school and be a general doctor or a pediatrician. I’m also considering going to optometry school because I think those are really cool fields to work in. I have some interest in dermatology as well but I’m not really too sure about it because it involves more chemistry.

Compare yourself from this year to last year:I’d say in comparison to my freshman self, I’ve grown up a lot. I’ve had to do so many things on my own because I’m so far from home. Yeah I’ve has some bad times here but I’ve grown from all of those times and learned from them. There’s always going to be good and bad times but I feel like I’m more mature and I’ve learned to handle situations better. I’ve also learned how to open up more and make connections with people. That’s what really makes the college experience worth it.

What are you passionate about?I feel like I’m actually really passionate about my major. It sounds weird but I'm just so intrigued by it all. I know it’s hard and classes are really challenging sometimes but I feel like I’m growing so much and it’s cool to learn things about the field I’m interested in. I have fun studying it.

What is the first thing you notice about a guy?His eyes and smile. Those two things are like..ugh…heart melting.

What would be your ideal date?I don’t have an ideal date exactly but just one where we can still talk and just be ourselves. Something relaxed where we can get to know each other.

Relationship deal breakers?I think if they don't mesh well with my friends and family then I wouldn't feel comfortable being with them because that’s a big part of my life.

Name some things on your bucket list?I really want to hike Mt. Machu Picchu, I want to go zip-lining somewhere cool like maybe through the rain forest , and I want to go real rock climbing like.. not the fake kind.

Neena Pesqueda is a third year Literary Journalism and Film and Media Studies double major at the University of California, Irvine. She is a member of the Film Arts Drama Alliance where she works alongside other students to create short films. She also teaches her own section to first year Undecided/ Undeclared students during the fall and winter as a University Studies 1 Discussion Leader. She was raised in the San Fernando Valley and spends her free time reading, writing, and binge watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix.   
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