Ruth Bader Ginsberg: "On the Basis of Sex"

What I learned about RBG and what we can all learn from her by watching On the Basis of Sex:


1.       Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG): one of nine women in her class

Out of the 500 people in her Harvard Law School class, RBG was one out of only nine women. She had to work harder than her male peers due to intense gender discrimination. Her classmates and her professor do not believe she is good enough, however she made it her mission to prove them wrong.

2.       RBG’s husband was her #1 fan

Martin Ginsberg, RBG’s husband was with her every step of the way, showing her endless support. He brought out the best version of her, and inspired her to bring gender equality to the table. His constant encouragement gave her the strength to persevere with her dreams. 

3.       Nevertheless, she persisted

No matter how many times she was told no, she continued her journey to bringing about change for both women and men alike. She realized it was up to her to fight for her children and future generations. Her perseverance should be seen as an inspiration to us all to take charge of our goals and be determined enough to follow through with them.

4.       With hard work and determination, anything is possible

RBG worked tirelessly to prove herself; working twice as hard as her male counterparts. Due to her efforts, she deservedly earned a seat on the Supreme Court, serving as one of nine supreme court justices. She continues to fight and bring justice to our country to this day.