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Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life

Tis’ the season for all things fall. Once a year, you have the chance to buy mini pumpkins for your apartment, take basic pictures at pumpkin patches, and bust out your best Halloween costume. This year, fall has taken quite an interesting turn. Irvine was hit with 100-degree weather causing students to desperately sip on their Pumpkin Spice Lattes to survive the heat wave and midterms. Although we are suffering from the weather in Irvine, here are some of the best fall remedies for your troubles.


1. Go to a cute café with your friends and order anything pumpkin-flavored. It is practically illegal for any café to not have a pumpkin drink or pastry at this time of the year. Make it a goal to go to at least three different cafés with your friends before the season ends. Try an aesthetic café with delicious treats for the perfect Instagram photo or for a relaxing place to study. The best way to find a new spot is by looking up “café” in the keyword search on Yelp. While you’re at it, rate your café experience on Yelp!



2. Go for a hike if the weather permits. Fall is beautiful as the leaves begin to change colors and we are greeted with a soft breeze. My favorite place to hike in Orange County is at the Crystal Cove trails. You have a view of the ocean for almost the entire hike and you can choose your trail based on your level of hiking expertise. Another fun fall activity is to go ice-skating. Indoor rinks give great deals, and occasionally have student discounts! Be sure to wear some mittens, a beanie, and a scarf.


3. Go to a music festival in celebration of the season. The most popular music festival for UCI students during Halloween is Escape, a two-day music festival in San Bernardino. This is possibly the greatest location to wear your Halloween costume. Want to upgrade your costume? Plan to dress in theme with your best friends. You can be the Avengers, Suicide Squad, or even a team of Lifeguards.

Your season is what you make of it. So get out there and start trying new things!


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