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Professional Event-Appropriate Attire

While I prefer to be clad in what is best described as the midpoint between “Coachella bohemian-chic” and “Kohl’s clearance rack,” sometimes my work requires me to appear as a professional young woman who definitely does not eat cereal out of Tupperware (with milk “borrowed” from her roommate) for dinner. On this occasion, I was covering an event where budding student professionals mingle with Irvine industry representatives, and I had to scrub up a bit. I opted for a royal blue shift dress, an essential black blazer and scalloped flats to complement the black stripes on the dress.

While I will begrudgingly trade in my maxi skirt for a work-appropriate shift dress, I refuse to sacrifice my comfort. Thankfully, this shift dress is made out of a breathable and stretchy fabric. The blazer is soft enough to feel like a cardigan, but structured enough to suggest that instead of cereal in Tupperware, I eat a well-rounded dinner of quinoa, broccoli and salmon. 

Courtney Hamilton is an English major, Literary Journalism Minor and Art History Minor at UC Irvine. She is a Her Campus Editor, Editor in Chief of UC Irvine's alternative magazine Incite, a writer for 7 Deadly Magazine, and an editorial intern at OC Weekly.
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