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My Two Wheeled Wonder: The Benefits of Biking

I never thought that I become an avid bicyclist. Actually, I only recently learned how to ride a bike this past summer. Since I figured that I wouldn’t have a car when going to college, I’d get a bike instead. Personally, I hate being cooped up in the same place, so it was important that I had some means of transportation to go off wherever and whenever to my heart’s desire. It’s nice to just hop on my bike and pedal off with no clear direction and to just keep going forward. 

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The first benefit is cost. Biking is incredibly economical! Bikes cost far less than a car, or even public transport, in many cases. A typical bike will land you a couple hundred dollars (or maybe even thousands for those really nice electric motorbikes), which in my opinion, is way better than paying several thousands for a car. I actually got my bike off Craigslist for $65. The woman who sold it to me had previously used the bike for the Burning Man festival and had attached these cool monkey lights that make the front tire light up. I haven’t found any reason to use it, but maybe one day I will. 

Anyways, cars require gas, repairs, and maintenance. Those expenses can pile up quickly! Meanwhile, on a bike, repairs and maintenance are fairly easy and inexpensive. Most importantly, parking is so much easier with bikes. In Irvine and Newport Beach, you have to pay for parking basically everywhere and when you don’t, it is incredibly difficult to find a spot. However, parking is virtually provided everywhere for bikes, if you are resourceful enough. 

The second benefit is health. Biking is great for your health! Riding a bike is a great cardio workout for both your lower body and core. Cycling targets your quads, glutes, calves, and hamstrings, which makes for a killer lower body workout. Maintaining an upright position on a bike also helps develop your back and abdominal muscles as well. I would even argue that biking is great for your mental health as well. Biking helps me clear my head and helps me feel present and in the moment. You really get to feel the air and environment around you, which can be freeing if you are cooped up in a car/room all day. 

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One of my goals in my life is to bike from Irvine to San Francisco. I think it’ll be quite the experience; especially since it is pretty ambitious, I’ll admit. I haven’t figured out how or when, but I just know that I will do it one day. Why though? Well, I want to become a better storyteller, and I think that this bike trip will make for an amazing adventure that I can share with people. In the meantime, I’ll be working on developing my stamina. I recently started a weekly routine where I bike to Newport every Saturday afternoon. Catch me there, if you can!