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While I have been to Las Vegas twice in my life I have come to not include that as a true trip out of state. It wasn’t the adventurous, fun, enjoyable experiences that I had thought of when I had grown up dreaming of travel. It was a three hour packed car ride into a desert that looked more barren than my home town. So this summer, the summer before my final year of college, I yearned to complete the adventurous out of state travel that I had always wanted. 

So off to see my boyfriend for his birthday, I started my travels by missing my train to San Diego. Putting me into a frenzy I finally got onto a later train, and watched the sunset  pass me by. I then jumped in a car with my long time friend and her boyfriend and we started our long adventure. Driving overnight was interesting, sleeping in the back of a car for that long was hard. By the time I woke up in the middle of the night, we were already as far as I had ever gone: Vegas. 

From there it was more than 100 miles to Utah. Sunset hit just as we were traveling through Arizona so it was all bright oranges and reds on red rock mountains; making it my favorite part of the drive. Then came the expansive stretch of 80 mile an hour road with no towns in sight. 

The time there was fun and the mountains were huge and beautiful. We didn’t get to see any of the national parks but we did get to adventure around Provo. 

All in all my time in another state was exciting and an amazing time to get away from hectic California. However, my anxious excitement for traveling farther is still not quenched and I’m excited to see what places I will go within the next year!


Jenna Morehouse

UC Irvine '20

Jenna is a third year Film and Media Studies major at UCI, she enjoys plants, Sci if movies, and photography! Follow her on Instagram @jene.vie.ve
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