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My Best Advice: My Cyber Valentine

Valentine’s Day can be a bitter day to those who are single.Yet, it is even sadder when you do have a significant other, but they are miles and miles away from you on the most romantic day of the year. Being away from your loved one is tough every day of the year, but Valentine’s Day can be exceptionally rough to the long distance lovers. However, there are ways to be close to someone on this special day, even if they are miles away. Do you want to make February 14th a special day for each other? Here’s how you can do it.

You should start preparing beforehand to make sure that nothing will go wrong. You should both mail each other boxes that remind you of one another. Remember not to put anything in it that can get broken or spoiled when mailed. Fill the box with your lover’s favorite types of candy, a mixed tape with your songs, and anything and everything that reminds you of that person. Remember that our sense of smell is one of the strongest we have, so try to include something that has your perfume on it, so that you can feel closer to each other. Be creative, remember that whatever you put in the box will be part of bringing the two of you together, even though you’re distant from each other.

Once the box arrives, make sure not to open it. You two should plan a specific time to come on Skype – this could be trickier if you’re on different time zones, but love can make time for anything. Our generation is lucky to have access to technology which allows us to converse in real time through the use of webcams and we are able to see and hear the person we wish to talk to. Take that to your advantage. Once on Skype, you can take turns opening the boxes, enjoying each other’s reactions and really sharing that special moment. Try to take in every second, take your time reading letters, embracing the smells and slowly feeling the distance disappear.

After the “present exchange,” you could find other ways to celebrate your love and relationship. Drink wine together and even eat the same meal, as if you were on a dinner date. Be as creative as you can in figuring out ways to ignore the fact that you’re not by each other’s side. Show the distance that your love is bigger than it. You could end the night by falling asleep together, while on Skype, talking about life and dreams and longing for the day you’ll once again be able to spend Valentine’s Day together.

Of course none of these tips will be better than being with the one you love on Valentine’s Day – looking into someone’s eyes and telling them that you love them will always be the greatest feeling of all – but we must make do with what is provided to us. You may not be getting that magical goodnight kiss on Valentine’s Day, but I can guarantee you’ll feel a lot closer by following these suggestions.

So, happy Valentine’s Day to all long distance lovers out there, and to those of you who will be spending February 14th with your partner, don’t take it for granted. Distance is a b-.

A Literary Journalism major in University of California Irvine. Thais was born in Brazil, where she lived until she turned 12, she then moved to Dubai, where she spent the rest of her high school years and learned how to speak English, ultimately finding her passion for writing. After graduation, she moved to Irvine, California hoping to pursue her dream and one day become a successful journalist.
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