My Best Advice: 5 Tips to Make Your Lovely Lady Parts Even Lovelier


Since threads conceal it for the most part, (hey, Daisy Duck has been walking around with no pants and no one has ever said anything), our vagina is easy to forget about, but maintaining vaginal health and beauty is just as important as your monthly haircut and daily fitness regimen. Plus, a little pampering never hurt anybody. Whether you are in need of a little revamping or have a hot date approaching, follow these five tips to make your lovely lady parts even lovelier.

1. Stay away from any harsh soaps or cleansers which contain chemicals that could irritate your vagina. Instead, opt for an unscented or pH-balanced cleanser. 

2. Ditch perfumes and sprays. Leave it to fruits for a fresher smelling area “down there.” Citrus fruits such as pineapples and grapefruits have been known to freshen the scent of vaginal fluids. 

3. Make yogurt part of your daily diet. The bacteria in yogurt called probiotics can help restore and maintain normal bacteria in your vagina to fend off yeast infections. 

4. Maintain good hoo-ha grooming habits and proper hygiene. Just like our luscious locks need a trim every month, so do our lady parts. Long pubic hairs foster a moist environment perfect for bacteria, thereby increasing susceptibility to infections. Shave, wax, laser or simply cut the hair back with a small pair of scissors. 

5. Work it out. Us collegiettes do all kinds of exercises for a more bodacious booty and toned tummy. How about an exercise for a more vivacious vagina? Your vagina is like a muscle--use it or lose it (do not fret, you cannot really lose it).  For even lovelier lady parts, more pleasurable intercourse, and prevention of future incontinence, do kegel exercises three times a day by tightening your pelvic floor muscles and counting to ten. Unlike cardio or weight training, kegel exercises won’t make you break a sweat and can be done anytime, anywhere--whether you are studying in the library, in a work meeting, or in line to buy groceries.