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More Stranger Things, More Questions

Stranger Things just came out this week, and I can’t wait to see what happens next in Hawkins, Indiana. Based on the end of the first season and the teasers for the second, here are some of the questions I’ll be looking forward to answering as I watch the season.


1) Is that Eleven’s real hair or did she find another wig?

On a related note everyone’s hair looks curlier and I would like to know why this is. Did the Upside Down increase the humidity in Hawkins, or what?

2) Does Terry Ives meet Eleven at any point?

According to a fan theory, Eleven does actually go to Terry Ives’s house, and I think we all want to know how well this theory will hold up.




3) What was the town’s reaction to the other missing persons cases?

At one point, Dr. Brenner said that six people went missing, but because we only really know the details behind Barb’s and Will’s cases, we have no idea how the rest of the town reacted.

4) Where has Eleven been this whole time?

Is she going between Hawkins and the Upside Down?

5) Are other people in town who are uninvolved in the events of Season 1 suspicious of Hawkins Lab? Do they know about the Upside Down?

6) And finally….does Mike ever take Eleven to the school dance?

The door to Stranger Things Season 2 opens on Friday, September 27th on Netflix.

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