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Jupiter Ascending: A Fantasy, Sci-Fi Love Story

Released the weekend before Valentine’s Day, “Jupiter Ascending” beckons fans of Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum to watch a riveting and romantic love story unfold while in the midst of a galactic battle for a royal family inheritance. With multiple genres such as fantasy, science fiction, action, adventure, romance, and comedy, “Jupiter Ascending” is a gift to those who enjoy a little bit of everything, especially with a complex plot.

Despite all of the negative reviews that critics and fans have submitted after the premiere of “Jupiter Ascending,” I found myself at the Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21 movie theater as an answer to my inner nerd’s call. After seeing the two hottest stars in Hollywood together in the film trailer, I literally yelled, “Just take my money!” However, figuring out the plot became a problem during the movie as I was trying to listen to what the characters were saying in an effort to explain the laws of the world they were in.

As I understood it, Jupiter Jones (Kunis) is a young Russian woman who cleans rich people’s toilets along with her mother and aunt to get by in life. Her father was killed after a group of thieves broke into their house and took away many of her father’s prized possessions, including a golden telescope that Jupiter later tries to buy back online. To earn enough money for the telescope, she decides to donate her eggs under her best friend’s name but in the process of having her eggs removed, the doctors and nurses turn out to be alien-like creatures called “Keepers.” They almost kill her but her savior comes in, Caine Wise (Tatum), and this is when she discovers that she has a greater destiny than scrubbing toilets everyday.

What lost me was the jumping back and forth between the different worlds. At one point I saw Chicago, but then suddenly I saw a different world that I honestly do not remember the name of because there are too many names and very little knowledge of how it should be spelt. My understanding of the grand scheme of things is that there are three heirs from an extremely powerful family branch called the “Abrasax” and each one has a dysfunctional personality that makes them the antagonists, aside from the common goal of killing Jupiter in order to gain the inheritance. However, it got even more confusing when Jupiter is revealed as the heirs’ mother who was murdered and later reincarnated as Jupiter. There is some serious family business going on that is far more dramatic and severe than the Kardashians.

Balem Abrasax, the power-hungry eldest sibling who speaks softly but shrieks when he is in a bad mood.

Titus Abrasax, the “playboy” and the one who tries to marry Jupiter who is supposed to be the reincarnate of his mother.


Kalique Abrasax, the vain sister who bathes in the youth serum that is made from dead people.

It’s no wonder that the movie was a little over two hours long. There was a lot to cover but unfortunately, it was not delivered to the audience well enough. But, the chemistry between Kunis and Tatum, I felt, was definitely there regardless of what other reviewers said. I thought they looked cute together and even though the love story was a bit cheesy and predictable, it still made my heart flutter.

On another note, I really admired the computer-generated scenery as well as the costumes. Rather than gaining attention for its confusing plot, “Jupiter Ascending” definitely put itself out there as a movie with the most stunning visuals.

So how did I feel when I left the movie theater? I was quite satisfied and did not regret watching the movie. As someone who appreciates fantasy and sci-fi, I enjoyed every aspect of the movie even though it had its flaws. The visuals and sound effects were on par and the attractive actors and actresses played their roles to the best of their ability. I would recommend “Jupiter Ascending” to those who love fantasy and sci-fi, as well as to those who love Kunis and Tatum as a couple or as an individual. As a spoiler for those who can’t decide whether to watch it or not at this point, Tatum does go shirtless in the movie. 

Deanna graduated from UCI in 2017 with a double major in English and Literary Journalism, and an Emphasis in Creative Writing. She was part of Her Campus from 2014-2016 and became one of the two editors for her chapter. A geek at heart, she loves going to conventions, plays video games, and follows up on nerdy news. In the foreseeable future, she aims to become an author, write for a video game company, and travel to Japan to do some more writing there, all of which are listed in no particular order.
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