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Jeremy Crooks ’13

Major: Business
Graduation Year: 2013
Relationship Status: Single
Hometown: Rocklin, CA
Interests: Singing, dancing, basketball, reading, Facebook. 

How was it like to be featured on the Ellen Show?: It was fun. Well, it was like super random, I just got done with a show at UCLA and my mom called me saying that the producers of the show had called her because apparently a fan emailed them the video of me dancing to Usher’s O.M.G..

The Youtube video of you dancing to Usher’s O.M.G. received over two million views, how did you deal with all this fame in such a short amount of time?: Yeah, there was a lot of hype, I didn’t really let it get to my head. I guess I’m more so focused on moving forward from it.

You’re quickly becoming a star! How many performances have you given so far?: Since the show, I’ve given maybe ten to fifteen performances. I’ve done them at 6 Flags Magic Mountain and 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom up in Nor Cal as well as a lot at UCLA and Long Beach.

Do you get nervous before performing?: I think maybe like right before I go on I get those butterflies, but I don’t get nervous anymore.

What’s your favorite college memory?: Probably, just jamming in the halls, usually at Ciudad and Selva.

What do you plan to do after college?: Hopefully, I get signed with a record label before I finish college and continue on with that; something in the music industry.

What’s your favorite characteristic in a girl?: Maturity, I like a girl that has a good head on her shoulders.

Sum yourself up in three words: Driven, dorky, and meticulous.

What’s one thing you can’t go without doing during the Holiday season?: Eating my mom’s Christmas cookies.

What’s your weakness?: Being gullible. It’s very easy to fool me.

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