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How to Manage Your Winter to Spring Wardrobe Transition


We all know that awkward time when winter is deciding on whether or not it will allow spring to set the weather. And here we are left to deal with a very cold morning and a very hot afternoon. In these troubling times the big question is: what are we supposed to wear? Never fear, I am here to share my tips and tricks on how I transition my wardrobe from winter* to spring (and everything in between.)  


*UC Irvine, where I am located, is in southern California, where “winter” is not the same winter that is experienced on the east coast or anywhere chillier than SoCal.   


Tip #1: Layers!

I always like to wear a nice sweater, cardigan or jean jacket when I head to class in the morning so I can shed said layers when the temperature rises. Underneath I usually put on a cute tank top, tee, or blouse. This combination gives you extra warmth for chilly mornings, classes, or a breeze while allowing you to cool off as the day goes on.


Tip #2: Lightweight Pants!

What are lightweight pants? They are simply pants made out of a material that isn’t heavy or hot  like denim, velvet or corduroy. Instead, these pants are made out of a material that is breathable and, quite literally, lightweight. Wearing these pants gives you additional warmth, but doesn’t overheat you later in the day because the fabric allows for proper air circulation.


Tip #3: Blouses + Scarves!

As unusual as this combination may sound, give it a chance and it will change your lifestyle. Blouses are generally made out of a loose and breathable material, which is why they are such a style staple. There are many different types of scarves made out of many different materials, so there’s one for everybody! Scarves are also perfect for when it is too warm for a sweater, but you still want some extra comfort just in case.


Tip #4: Lightweight Tank Tops are the Solution!

Can’t stop wearing your favorite pair of skinny jeans? A lightweight, flowy tank and your jeans paired with a cute pair of sandals or Birkenstocks is your solution. This combination makes the jeans feel less hot and creates an outfit that looks like a casual jump into spring.


Photographer and writer studying art and literary journalism at UCI. I like food, fashion and photos.
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