How I Spruced Up My Childhood Bedroom

I have always had a keen interest in interior design. When I was a kid I would constantly rearrange my room and find new ways to redecorate. But ever since the beginning of high school, my room has remained pretty much the same. Currently, I am social distancing from the comfort of my childhood home, which means I am staying in my childhood bedroom. Since I am back home indefinitely, I decided there was no time like the present to transform my bedroom from childhood drab to a kind of adult fab.

  1. 1. Step 1: Clean and Declutter

    The first thing that had to be done was to clean my room. It had become a cluttered mess over the years with random stuff all around. I went through everything in my room and decided whether I was going to keep it, move it to storage or donate it. Then I wiped down shelves and furniture that had collected far too much dust.

  2. 2. Step 2: Paint

    I decided that my room needed to be painted. For several years, my walls were a horrible hot pink. It made my room feel incredibly dark and the color just did not reflect who I am now. My dad and I went to Home Depot to pick out a new color, something more neutral. I settled on a lighter shade of taupe. It took my dad and I about three days to completely finish painting, but the result was well worth the wait. 

  3. 3. Step 3: Rearrange Furniture

    After I finished painting, it was time to move my furniture. I used Pinterest for inspiration as to what kind of layout I wanted. I decided on a layout that would open up my room so that it would feel bigger and more spacious.

  4. 4. Step 4: New Decor

    After moving all my stuff home from my apartment, I needed more storage. I ended up purchasing a nine cube organizer shelf from Target. I could have storage bins in a few of the cubes and use the others to add small pieces of decor. It was a great purchase as it really tied my room together. The final thing I purchased was two letter boards. I have always wanted letter boards because you can write whatever you want on them and change it up whenever. I bought two so that it would fill up the wall better. 

  5. 5. Step 5: Repurpose and Reuse What You Already Have

    I used stuff that I already owned for decor in my new and improved bedroom. I just found new places to put them. To fill any extra space I had, I went around my house to find things that were lying around. 

    floating wooden shelves full of books, art prints and other knickknacks

Transforming my childhood bedroom was the best decision I made in quarantine thus far. Not only did my room become a place that I love to be in, but it also gave me a project to work on for a few weeks. Whether you decide to slightly redecorate your room or completely transform it, have fun with it and do whatever you need to make your room feel like a reflection of you.