How to Have the Perfect Fall Weekend Despite of Summer-Like Weather

Here in sunny Southern California, it still feels like summer. The leaves aren’t changing colors, the weather outside is a consistent 75 degrees, and there is not much distinguishing this season with the other three. However with this in mind, you can still plan a perfect weekend to make it feel as though you are living in an autumn wonderland. I have assorted a list of tips and tricks that can make for a fun-filled, fall weekend.


1. Decorate your dorm to match the season! Buy a few mini pumpkins from your local grocery store and place them around your room. Add in some colored fairy lights (preferably orange,) to make your room feel spooky. Look in the under $5 section at Target to find some cute -but cheap- room decor. Dorm spaces can be especially hard to decorate sometimes, but adding in a few small items can really set the tone of the season in your room. 

Photo by Javier Molina on Unsplash


2. Make your room smell like fall! Although in most dorms or apartments, candles are not allowed, this does not have to stop you from making your room smell lovely! Visit Target and purchase a wall plug-in that emits scents. I personally have used many brands of the scented wall plug-ins, so really any brand can work. Some choices are AirwickGlade, or Bath and Body Works. They often have assorted scents that you can use, but for fall purposes I would choose a cozy scent! (Bath and Body Works have the most scent variety!) 


3. Make a list of all the fall movies and shows you want to watch in that weekend! Grab a pen and write out your favorite Halloween shows or movies that could be fun to watch. Some of my favorites are Hocus Pocus, the HalloweenTown Series, and Gilmore Girls (I know Gilmore Girls isn’t a dedicated fall show, it has the feeling of fall!) Once you’ve decided what to watch grab some hot coffee or tea and enjoy!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


4. Bake! Go on pinterest and search for some yummy pumpkin treats to make! One recipe I love to make are pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. I love to bake, but if you aren’t as passionate about baking as I am head over to the grocery store and buy some pre-made pumpkin goodies to try. Your treat’s don’t have to be pumpkin flavored, but pumkin does suit the theme of fall!

Image link: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


  1. Plan some fall activities with friends! Coordinate a day to go out with friends and visit  a pumpkin patch. Often times at a pumpkin patch there are a lot of different activities to choose from. Some examples are corn mazes, pumpkin carving, and hay rides. All of these encompass the feeling of autumn, regardless of the temperature outside!

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash


  1. Lastly, dress the part! What I mean by this is to dress in the classic fall colors! Although it may be a little warm for scarves and tall boots, you can always incorporate fall colors into your wardrobe no matter the weather. Wear some deep reds, magentas, or really any other color that matches the season!