How To Have A Cozy Time This January No Matter The Weather

There’s a reason why people travel Here in Southern California, whether our weather quantifies traditional winter weather is questionable. But I will persist in my mission to enjoy the season, even in SoCal. In fact, Irvine tends to get more chilly by January. If you, too, would like to embrace the seasons while living in a seasonless bubble, join me in my mission to live our best wintery lives! ​

“Person Wearing an Oversized Sweater and Scarf.” Just The Design

Let’s begin by wearing oversized knit cardigans and large, fluffy scarves! Nothing says “I will MAKE this winter season happen, so help me GOD” like wearing winter clothes in 70 degree weather. Also, wearing an oversized cardigan with a gigantic scarf is a great way to essentially walk around wrapped up in a throw blanket in a socially acceptable way. How cozy!

Segal, Jenn. “Pumpkin Bread.” Once Upon a Chef with Jenn Segal

Winter is a great time to indulge in hot drinks and spiced baked goods. I like to prepare hot tea in the morning to make the 7am trudge to class more tolerable. It’s also an opportune time to set up coffee/tea dates with friends at nice cafes! That’s right, get out of that brisk, slightly chilly air into the approximately same temperature air of the cafe! Bonus: you’ll get all the intoxicating smells of caffeinated drinks being made. 

If you like baking, now is a great time to whip out those skills. What with being away at college, I find it expensive to indulge in baking from scratch because it requires purchasing a lot of base ingredients like flour, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, specialty spices, and so on that I won’t necessarily use in other cooking. But, because I love when the apartment is filled with the scent of baking, I buy boxed sets from Trader Joe’s (like their pumpkin bread mix) that only need a few supplementary basic ingredients and bake those for minimal effort and maximal effect, the college student’s mantra!

Jenkins, Maria. “Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins in Tommy's Place.” Pinterest

Bring that good winter energy home with warm blankets and scented candles. I am guilty of collecting and hoarding throw blankets -- and it’s wonderful and totally worth it. Throw a few scented candles (do not actually throw the scented candles -- practice fire safety!) into the mix, and you’re all set up for a cozy night of reading, watching shows, or even studying. Invite your friends over for a movie night, and they will marvel at how soft and cozy your setup is. 

Finally, a bonus tip for my overachievers, play rain/wind/thunder sounds in the background at home to create ambient winter white noise.

If you had a sip of tea every time you read the words “cozy” or “winter” in this article, you’d probably be done with your mug. But in all seriousness, I hope you enjoy the remainder of the cold weather this month with or without my tips. Stay warm!