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Halloween Decor: Creating > Buying

Halloween decorations bring the spirit of Halloween to life and make realities from imaginations. There are numerous ways to celebrate Halloween whether that be through trick-or-treating, decorating your home, or scaring people, just to name a few. Creating Halloween home decorations yourself, as opposed to purchasing them, is affordable, the process can act as a stress reliever, they can become a unique piece of art, and are great gifts for other people. Handmade Halloween decorations will help create a Halloween that you’ll never forget!


This is one of the largest factors when we, as college students, consciously (and maybe subconsciously) take into account when buying something: “Am I going to get the best value for my money?” and “Is this really worth x amount?”  We’re all college students trying to make it through school with minimal debt, so why make your wallet suffer more than it has to? Paper decorations and signs, mason jar decor, candle wrappings, garland, table themes, are examples of Halloween decorations that aren’t going to break the bank.  The prices of supplies are generally budget friendly (unless you go wild in the craft store) and they could be used for more craft projects later on.

Stress Reliever:

Crafts are one of the best ways to destress since you’ll be so immersed in the craft making that you’ll forget about the daily struggles of classes and they’ll also double as something to display and be proud of.  Designing your own decor is a perfect time to catch up with friends and create masterpieces together as a night to relax (and an excuse to socialize).


Creating your own decor will give you an outlet to showcase your personality and is something more memorable than the store bought decor that everyone in your dorm has.  Everyone wants to show that they are one-of-a-kind and this could be the perfect way to do so. Another plus: when everyone compliments you on your Halloween decor, you can say that you made it!

Awesome Gifts: 

Housewarming party coming up? Don’t know what to give your relatives when you visit?  No better way to show how special they are to you than to make a unique decor that you made with them in mind.

What I Made this year for Halloween Decor:

I crochet in my (nonexistent) free time and a lot of my decorations revolve around that or around my other hobby: origami.  For this year’s decorations, I made paper spider webs. Paper spiders, ghosts, and spiderwebs are an easy way to create some quick decor and have it look aesthetically pleasing too!  I included a pattern for one of the spider webs my roommate made below:


Here are some other spider web designs we made using regular printer paper cut into a square:

And you can see our completed door decorations below (we’re both very proud of it):

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