Grounding Myself: A Look Into The Sky

Tonight, I finally looked up into the night sky. The last time I did this was a few weeks back, after I had just fractured my ankle from a bike ride. I remember just standing on my porch, crying my eyes out because I was so overwhelmed by everything going on. But tonight was different. I felt free. 

I had forgotten how bright the moon was. Was it always this luminous? It just shined so bright in the sky. Hell, I even had to squint just a bit so my eyes wouldn’t burn. The most remarkable moment was when I saw what I thought was a star shooting across the sky. I’d never seen anything like it; it was moving so fast. But then I remembered learning in my physics class that everything in the sky is relative to the stars. I focused my eyes on a nearby star, only to find out that the original star wasn’t really moving at all. My eyes were deceiving me. Strange, isn’t it? It’s kind of how in life, we can get so caught up in something that we lose touch with reality. Sometimes we just need a little something to ground us, like that other star. 

The only reason why I had walked onto my porch in the first place was because earlier today I had forgotten that I was supposed to make my physics midterm. I ended up logging in late and I only had 20 minutes to do the entire thing. I was so angry with myself. I mean, how could you just forget about a midterm? That was my wake up call. I was so lost in my own thoughts and distracted that I just let it slip by me. Well, standing on that porch tonight was my first step in grounding myself.