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Grace’s Favorite Podcasts

I remember being a kid when my grandpa would tell me about listening to radio shows in the 1940s and thinking, “wow, that sounds so boring”. There’s no action! No images! Oddly enough, though, it seems that popular media and my opinions have both changed. Podcasts, the 21st century’s answer to the radio shows of pop culture’s past, have taken over the internet. Everyone is doing it– actors, youtubers, soundclouders, writers, true crime shows– the list is never ending. They’re great for burning time at work, relaxing on your morning commute, or just doing chores at home. Here, I present three of my most favorite podcasts and why you need to be listening too!


  1. Pod Save America

At the end of 2016, I was pretty distraught over the results of the election. While complaining about the overall absurdity of the administration, two of my friends suggested I listen to Pod Save America just to feel a little better. I have been hooked ever since. Hosted by former members of the Obama administration like Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfieiffer and Tommy Vietor, the podcast makes politics accessible through hilarity and poignant commentary. If you do not consider yourself particularly political, but you want to be– listen and you will! If you do consider yourself to be particularly political, definitely listen because you will feel just a bit more sane. Plus, they go on tour in case you’re missing the “action.”

2. Welcome to Nightvale

While on a search for more light hearted podcasts to listen to while writing, I happened to find Welcome to Nightvale. If you know me, you know I really enjoy slightly eerie content (see Buffy, the X-Files, iZombie, etc.) and Nightvale delivers. The entire series is narrated by Cecil, a radio jockey in the fake desert town of Nightvale where every conspiracy theory is true. The stories are funny, engaging and creepy in a way you cannot quite put your finger on (just kidding, it’s because Cecil mentions hooded figures, floating cats and a mind controlling entity known as the Glow Cloud). If you love aliens, monsters, conspiracies, and having fun, do yourself a favor and check out Welcome to Nightvale.


  3. Unhappy Hour With Matt Bellassai

Unhappy Hour ties in the best of cynicism, pop culture and special guests. Matt Bellassai got his start on Buzzfeed with Wine About It, where he drank wine and complained about things. Since then, he has moved on to podcasts where he complains about more things. Bellassai’s comedic timing and ability to translate eye rolls through his voice make his rants all the more enjoyable. No topic is safe from Bellassai’s commentary including mac and cheese, the president, Texas, and his producer.


I'm an English student from Los Angeles, California. I love to write articles, poetry, and short stories!
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