Goodbye Spring Quarter, Hello Summer!

It is almost week 10 of my last quarter as a second year and I honestly cannot believe it. It seems like only yesterday that we were all celebrating, or seeing others celebrating, the beginning of 2019 and complaining about having to go back to school for winter quarter. Barely two-thirds of the way, back then it seemed that the end of the school year was too far away from us. Yet, here we are now. With just one more week of classes and finals week around the corner, it is time to do our best to stay in work-mode and finish strong.

Half-way through this quarter, I wrote an article about reflecting on the first half of Spring quarter and changing bad habits that were getting in the way of our success. Now, I encourage you to reflect on both the quarter as a whole, as it comes to an end, as well as the entire school year that is wrapping up. Some students are taking graduation pictures, posting on Facebook that they are willing to buy commencement tickets from any kind soul willing to sell and staying up all night wondering what in the world comes after college. Some of us are staying up all night because the classes we need to enroll in are full, "New Only" or not even available next quarter. 

Photo Courtesy of MD Duran

Wherever you find yourself as the year ends, it is important to look back and reflect on both things you were able to accomplish and things you might have not been able to. If you do this, then you know what you can do different next year. If you are graduating, you can see how you can improve and succeed outside of college. Time does fly by and life keeps on moving. Spring quarter flew by and I have heard from some reliable sources that each year just keeps going by faster and faster.

If you are graduating, I hope you enjoyed your time here at UCI as best you could and that you leave feeling accomplished and ready for what is next. If you still have three, two or one year left at UCI, I encourage you to make the most out of each year and keep your goals in mind! It is really hard to keep the motivation going with only two weeks left before we are free for a few months, but finish off the quarter strong because before you know it, you will be the one taking graduation pictures and buying extra tickets.