A Girl With Many Hats

Every so often (more like every couple of months), I go through this existential dread and start questioning what I’m going to do in the future, career-wise and just me-wise. I often think about whether or not I’ll regret my choices or if I’ll be happy with my life. So every time someone asks me, “So, what do you want to be when you’re older?” I have a different answer every time. Call me fickle, but I like the idea of not just sticking to one career or hobby. I like to consider myself a jack of all trades, master of some. I think that this life is worth so much more than just doing one thing, and this world has so much of offer so why not get a little taste of everything? So, let's dive into the different hats that I have.

Kellyn Simpkin-Girl Hat Eyes Smile Kellyn Simpkin / Her Campus

The Top Hat: The top hat is my serious hat. This hat keeps me grounded so I don’t go deep down into the dark void of mistakes. Basically, this is the hat that makes me realize that not everything is play. I’ve got expenses that need to be paid, so I’ve gotta keep level-headed and make sure that my basic needs are taken care of. When I wear the top hat, I become the accountant, the property manager and the responsible citizen.

The Beret: The beret is my creative hat. The beret reminds me to stick to my artistic side. My grandpa and dad are both extremely creative people, and it would be a shame to not pass on that lineage. This hat drives me to create the art I’ve always wanted to make, whether that be music (I play the cello and electric guitar!) or drawings (I like to draw faces). When I wear the beret, I become the graphic designer, the UX/UI designer and the artist.

The Lobster Hat: The lobster hat unleashes the weird, strange Linda. This is the Linda that wears soju bottle earrings, socks with George Washington on them and funky t-shirts thrifted from Goodwill. When I wear the lobster hat, I become the oatmeal revolutionizer, the economics teacher and the stylist. 

The Beanie: This is chill, relaxed Linda. Don’t take this world so seriously. Have a little bit of fun! This hat reminds me that if I’m gonna die in (hopefully) 80 years, I better enjoy them! This hat reminds me to experiment, try new things and enjoy what this world has to offer. When I wear the beanie, I become the tour guide, the world traveler and the pilot. 

And every so often, my head will get cold again and I’ll be out seeking more hats. What are your hats? A girl can never have too many hats!