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Diane Guerrero at UC Irvine

Source: Cover of Diane’s book “In the Country We Live In”

On Feb. 22, OITNB & Jane The Virgin Actress Diane Guerrero graced us with her presence at UCI’s Student Center. The event, hosted by ASUCI’s Office of Academic Affairs along with their Speakers Commission, welcomed Guerrero to talk about her career, life, and book, “In the Country We Live In”.

Far beyond her roles as “Maritza” and “Lina”, Diane is a huge advocate in the undocumented community. As noted in her book, Diane’s parents were deported back to Colombia when she was only 14. Left to grow up on her own, as the U.S government failed to realized they had orphaned a child, she was able to finish her education. This was no easy task however, as she struggled with debt, alcohol abuse, and more. As someone who has experienced separation from loved one because of their immigration status, Diane has rallied with those who face similar struggles.

With the uncertainty many families now face under the new administration, she encourages those affected to stay informed and look for resources in their area that can help them. She also wants people to speak up and share their struggles (if they feel comfortable doing so). She notes that while being an actress helps promote Immigration reform, there are so many people out there who have similar stories. If those stories are being heard, this can show others why it is so important to talk about the issue and even change it for the better. Diane says that we all have a voice and we should use it to change the narratives of those who don’t understand the struggles millions have faced. We have the power to make change, but only if we act upon it.

Huge thanks to ASUCI Office of Academic Affairs, their Speaker’s Commission, and all those who made meeting Diane Guerrero possible! Diane if you ever read this it was a pleasure meeting you!

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