Crying Laughter, Nervous Laughter...At Least We’re Laughing

The lights dim, and the spotlight falls on a single mic stand. As the crowd comes to a quiet hush, a booming voice announces, “Put your hands together for our next act!” We cheer enthusiastically and anticipate what will hopefully turn out to be a promising showcase.

This week, our chapter was invited to the Orange County Comedy Festival held at the Amazing Comedy Theater in Huntington Beach. What would have been a typical Thursday night, ended up being an evening of unforeseen stunts, self-deprecating humor, a man who wore really tight jeans and a woman with lice who sang about North Korea while furiously pounding away at her keyboard. Go figure!

Throughout the show, I couldn't help but admire all of the standup comedians. It takes a lot of courage to get up on a stage and attempt to generate laughter from a group of strangers, especially a tough crowd of six college students. While we forced out a few “haha’s” here and there, there were golden moments of laughter that stemmed from the absurd, yet relatable struggles we all shared. Maybe one day, we'll reflect upon their cringe-worthy jokes and remember how they left us sprawled across our seats with horrified expressions. Everything considered, we had a blast and learned to find humor in everyday life.