Chinese New Year: San Francisco

    Well, it’s time to head to San Francisco for another parade. Chinese New Years is over once we finish performing in this parade. This is the second time that my group has been here. The last time we came, it was 5 years ago and everything seemed so different. The audience compared to 5 years ago has decreased drastically. However, this parade motivated me a lot more than it did with the Chinatown Parade. Why?

    Because the crowd was doubled of what the Chinatown Parade had even though there was lesser people at the San Francisco Parade. The thing that I was most excited about was that the time of this parade happened at night. It was really nice to see the skyscrapers as we walked and ran in the parade. Everything was rushed, and there were flashes of bright light going on every second. My adrenaline shot the highest when I went up on triple-decker. This was a great year, being able to do triple decker in both parade was something that I never expected, but this is not the end. There will be more to come! Thanks for reading. I hope you guys like it!