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Anteaters’ Beauty Guide: Quick and Easy Finals Make Up

So you have not slept all night and you are looking like a zombie. However, you do not want to go to class without any make up just in case the assigned seating places you next to the totally cute guy you have been crushing on all quarter. Here is a quick and easy make up look that will make you look like you got that full eight hours of sleep. 

  1. BB Cream 

Instead of applying a full coverage make up, just stick to a light-weight BB cream. It will even out your skin and leave you with a natural glow. Here I am using Maybelline’s “DreamFresh BB 8-in-ine Beauty Balm Skin Perfector” in the color Medium. This product also has a low dosage of SPF to protect your skin against the sun!. 

2. Concealer

To cover up those zombie bags under your eyes, opt for a concealer in a salmon kind of color. This is my favorite drug store concealer for under eye circles: Maybelline’s “Instant Age Rewind Eraser” in the color “Brightener.” I just apply it in a V shape under my eyes and blend it out with my clean ring finger. If you still feel that this look is too shiny for you, or you would want more coverage, you can sweep a pressed powder or powder foundation over your face. Here I am using Makeup Forever’s Pro-Finish Pressed Powder Foundation in the color 153 with a big powder brush. 

3. Brows

I have sparse brows so I like to fill them in. I feel that filled in brows instantly make my look more finished. After all, they say that “brows frame the face.” If you are already blessed with naturally full brows you can skip this step. Here I am using my favorite Anastasia Brow Wiz in the color Brunette. Filling in your brows takes a lot of practice to find what shape and color you like on your face, so be patient and if they don’t look perfect don’t fuss with them too much!

4. Mascara

I wanted to keep the eyes simple to keep with the theme of a natural look. So I am just going to curl my lashes with my Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler and then apply two generous coats of my new favorite mascara, Maybelline’s “The Falsies.” 

5. Blush & Bronzer

To give your skin a nice glow, warm up your complexion by placing bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks, the temples of your forehead, and along the jawline. Here I am using N.Y.C’s bronzer in the color “Sunny.” For blush, smile and apply it a little above the apples of your cheeks to avoid that super dollface look. Here I am using L’oreal’s True Match blush in the color “Subtle Sable.” 

6. Lips

You do not want to wear a bold lip for this look, so if you’re a simple kind of girl just throw on some lip balm and you are good. My favorite at the moment is Burt’s Bees’ “Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum Butter.” It leaves my lips buttery soft! However, if you want to glam up the look, you can use a “my lips but better” kind of shade. My favorite one is Maybelline’s Color Whisper Lipstick in the color “Rose of Attraction.” 


I hope this was helpful and good luck on all of your finals! 

 Stacy Ikeda is a 4th year Psychology major at University of California Irvine.Her favorite past times would have to be shopping, taking long strolls along the beach and writing for HerCampus. 
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