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Andrew Prayogo ’14

Class: 2nd Year
Major: Business Admin
Single or Taken?: Single
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Coffee or Mint Chocolate Chip

Current Involvement on Campus:
Currently I work as a Campus Representative for the school, which means that I basically give campus tours for students. Giving tours is the most awesome thing I get to do because I pretty much get to brag about my school and tell really lame jokes. I’m sure that if I told you these jokes outside of the context of the tour, you would just think I’m not funny at all… but I promise I can make you laugh otherwise. Also, I work as our Brandywine Student Center Manager in the Middle Earth Housing Community.

Most memorable moment at UCI:
My most memorable moment at UCI is hard to choose. I have too many of them! If I had to choose, I guess it would be when I went to college with my best friend from middle school and high school, Gabriel. Too many people told me that we would end up resenting each other and that it would be the worst first-year experience ever. Fortunately enough, it was quite the opposite. The friends that I have made here at UCI consistently tell me that we share a “bro-mance” with each other and I’d like to 100% agree with it. While I have been fairly busy this quarter, we both make sure that we can spend quality time during some days of the week. I miss him too much. In fact, I miss him right now. 

Girl of your dreams? Does she exist?
I don’t know yet! Maybe/hopefully. My friends say that I’m Ted from How I Met Your Mother but I guess that has its pluses and its minuses. I like to think that she doesn’t mind how weird I am and the fact that I like to be spontaneous. I think what matters almost the most is if we can genuinely carry out a conversation and that she laughs at my jokes. Oh, and also she likes to eat good food!

If you could switch lives with one person, who would it be and why?
I wouldn’t ever want to switch lives with a person forever! But if I did, I guess it’d be someone who is taller than me, but with similar characteristics. I really want to know what it feels like to dunk on a 10 foot hoop.

What inspires you?
My mom. I love my mom lots. The events that she has endured inspire me to be a better person and I see her as the most influential person of my life.

Any weird habits or quirks?
I can pull my ears to a point that they make a loud crack, but it doesn’t hurt.

Finally, what is the most romantic thing you have ever done for a girl?
Oh my gosh…hahahaha. This brings me back. Well okay I like to be a romantic kind of guy and I decided to take my girlfriend at the time to some place special during our 1 year anniversary. We did long distance and that wasn’t necessarily the most easy thing in the world. Anyway, it was our one year anniversary and I like to take things to a level beyond amazing. So, when she visited me for the time being, I decided to surprise her. I rented a ZipCar and took her around Los Angeles to look around at places we have never been before. Then, I decided to take her to where the (500) Days of Summer bench was shown in the movie – Angels Knoll Park. As we took the trolley up to the top of the park, she still didn’t know what was going on. However, once I walked her to the view of the park, the same view that the movie shows, she realized the bench was from the movie and the biggest smile immediately lit up on her face. The next best part to showing her the bench was when a couple who was doing an engagement photo-shoot handed us about 30 heart-shaped balloons. These balloons were featured as we sat next to the bench for a picture and I think it was pretty awesome. While those balloons barely fit inside the car, I also took her to other places around the city, namely the Urban Lights at the LACMA and some other things. While we aren’t dating anymore, I thought that the date idea was pretty cool!

Nicole is currently a fourth year Public Health Policy major with a minor in Psychology and Social Behavior. She has been writing for HerCampus UC Irvine for over two years, editing for almost two. When she's not busy working closely with her co-editor and managing the writing staff of HC UCI, she spends a lot of time at Corona del Mar...or baking cookies. She is also an expert baby wrangler and works part time at the UCI Infant Toddler Center. Her true loves include the color pink and copious cups of coffee.
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