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Advice from the Perspective of a Real College Girl: 5 Tips to Raise Your Self-Esteem

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Feeling down due to a break-up, watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, or anything else that makes us girls and guys feel inadequate with ourselves? Here are some helpful hints you can do each day to raise your self-esteem.

  1. Start your day by facing the mirror and do the biggest smile you can do. Now say out loud some reassuring phrases: “You are awesome,” “Today will be better”…etc. It may sound ridiculous, but trust me, it helps.
  1. Write down all of your built up feelings of self-hate on a piece of paper. Then destroy it, either by ripping it up, burning it or anything to get rid of that paper.
  1. Take flash cards and write down motivational phrases. Tape them to your wall or pin them to a bulletin board and read them every day. If you cannot think of any motivational phrases that will make you feel better, try looking some up on a search engine.
  1.  Go outside. Take a walk with just you and your mp3 player. It will help you clear your mind and make you feel like you are doing something productive. Sulking around your room all day does not help raise your self-esteem
  1. Sleep early. When you are feeling down, a good night’s rest will make you feel well rested and refreshed to take on the new day.

Life gets hard sometimes, but all we have to do is keep telling ourselves we can get through whatever trauma is occurring in our hectic lives. Here at UC Irvine, there also is a free counseling center for those who just need somebody to talk to. Their number is located on the UC Irvine website.


 Stacy Ikeda is a 4th year Psychology major at University of California Irvine.Her favorite past times would have to be shopping, taking long strolls along the beach and writing for HerCampus. 
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