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5 Tips That Actually Work for Avoiding Procrastination

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Irvine chapter.

Finals are just around the corner. Instead of cramming for finals, it’s best to start preparing now. Below are study habits that I’ve used and have worked for me.


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1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: When studying, it’s best to put your phone away. It’s too easy to get distracted when you get a notification. Plus, it’s tempting to check your phone every 15 minutes when it’s right in front of you. So mute your phone and put it away.

2. Create a fixed timetable schedule, not just a to-do list: Have you ever found yourself waking up on a Saturday morning thinking you have the whole day ahead of you? But after breakfast comes restocking on groceries, then the gym, or heading out for pre-arranged dinner plans.

Instead of simply writing a to-do list, create a timetable for each task. You can even allocate time for breakfast and getting ready. For example, 9-10 a.m. is breakfast and getting ready. 10-12 p.m. will be homework, 12:30-2:30 p.m. is gym time and showering, 3 p.m. will be buying groceries, and 3:30-6:30 p.m. is reserved for studying at the library.

3. When multitasking becomes ineffective: It may seem like you’re saving time by juggling a TV show, reading an article on your laptop, and checking your phone, but in fact, your brain does not have the capacity to absorb that much information at once. Instead concentrate on one task at a time.

4. Keep to one tab at a time. Switching between multiple tabs on the computer breaks up your focus because you lose concentration on the sole task that you are supposed to be doing (such as an essay) when you have Facebook open. Also, it helps if you do not have auto login for social media websites. It’s so tempting to just click on a new tab and type the words “facebook,” but you’ll find yourself scrolling aimlessly on your feed for 15 minutes. You click on an article or a video and before you know it, an hour has passed by.

5. Break your studying time into sections: It’s been said that people cannot study for longer than 90 minutes at a time; so set a timer, and hit the books! Setting a timer holds you accountable.

Good luck on finals!


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