5 Things That International Students Become Experts At

As an international student when I first came to the US for college, there were many new things I had to keep up with and at the same time keep in touch with what’s happening back home. After interacting with other international students, I realized that there are some commonalities irrespective of where you are from or what you study. How many of these do you identify with?


  1. You are the absolute expert at calculating the time in most countries of the world


You definitely know how to figure out the time in your country but because of all the travelling you’ve done by now, you have a fair idea of the times in the rest of the countries of the world too. So when the topic of time zones comes up over a cup of coffee with your friends, before others can even figure out the geography you already know the time at that place!


  1. Knowledge about the best video chatting applications.

Whether it be Skype, IMO or Google Hangouts you know which one works the best and you are also fiercely protective of the video call app you use. It’s almost like the video call app is also a part of your extended family.


  1. Making your name as simple as possible

The idea of making your name simpler or just something else completely is just hilarious, especially at fast food places. But, eventually people who care for you make the effort to say your name right and that just makes your day!  

  1. Increased use of Social Media


Not only to keep in touch with friends and family, but also for that ‘First Thanksgiving’ photo or the ‘#firstbirthdayawayfromhome’ photo you definitely start using social media more so that everyone knows what you doing away from home.  

  1. Currency Conversions

You become an invariable expert at multiplication tables and approximations because every time you go to buy that cute pair of jeans, despite your best efforts you will multiply it into the currency of your home country and figure out which country is it cheaper in. Not to mention every time you transfer fees to the school you end up being updated with the latest conversion rate.


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