5 Midterm Struggles Only Quarter System Students Understand

Who in their right mind thought it would be okay to shove 300 sweaty kids in a classroom to regurgitate knowledge they crammed into their last 3.14 brain cells at 2am the night before? Sounds like someone who sips a lot of dumb b*tch juice! Even worse, what fool invented the quarter system? These juice sippers are responsible for a lot of pain, including mine specifically, so if they’re still alive I hope they read these 5 midterm struggles that us quarter system students are currently facing.


1. Everything is Too Fast

Can someone please explain to me the passage of time because:

  1. Why did it take me two hours to get to page three of my reading

  2. I thought I had time to study for my midterm but it’s suddenly tomorrow?

  3. Do you ever think about how time isn’t real anyway so why do I even need to bother anymore, grades are meaningless and GPA is a social construct and-

  4. All of the above.



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2. You’re Constantly Sleep Deprived

When you don’t get enough sleep because you’re trying to keep up with school and you end up:

  1. Falling asleep in class.

  2. Falling asleep while doing homework.

  3. Falling asleep during your midterm??

  4. Somehow the only time you can’t fall asleep is when you really need to, because you’re too stressed about school and life dear Lord help my sorry soul its 2am and I need the sweet release of unconsciousness.


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3. The Entire Quarter is Midterm Season

When you have a midterm:

  1. Week 2? More like Week Who (???) the h*ck thinks this is anywhere near the middle of the quarter?

  2. Week 5? Okay I accept this and it’s my own fault that I didn’t study.

  3. Week 8? More like Week Wait I’m So Tired I Simply Cannot Go On Any Longer.

  4. Week 9? More like I’m Weak and Cryin’.

  5. Week 10?? … You can’t be serious.



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4. Trying to Be A Well Rounded Person is Impossible

Well, call me square! Aha ha.. because:

  1. No, Becky, I cannot come to your slam poetry event because I simply must nap for 7 hours in the middle of the day and wake up when the event is already almost over, because I conveniently won’t set an alarm in the first place. 

  2. When was the last time I ate a vegetable?

  3. Romance? Having a significant other? The last time I flirted with anyone was in the 5th grade and it was on accident....

  4. When the walk to the gym gets you so tired that you don’t work out and just uber home instead.


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5. Finding Motivation to Study is Hard

  1. Why study for your math midterm when you can think about how it just doesn’t add up that they liked your pic on insta but haven’t texted you back?

  2. Why write your paper when you can text a novel to your best friend about your roommate drama?

  3. Why bother going to office hours when it means you have to walk up that one hill on campus, making you expend 54 extra calories, thus disrupting your #gains

  4. Honestly, is studying for midterms even worth it? The correct answer is No.



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In conclusion, college is hard, midterms are the worst, and the quarter system is entirely unhelpful. But, hey, on the bright side, it’ll be over super fast (And then we get to start all over again...)


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