5 Arab American Artists & Creators You Need To Follow

I am filled with joy and pride whenever I see an Arab American succeeding in the entertainment industry or on social media. There is so much negative representation about my community, so it is highly crucial for people to continue to support Arab artists and creators to fight off stereotypes and xenophobia. The people on this list are really changing the game with their creative minds, and I can not wait for what they will do next. 

Here is a shortlist of amazing Arab Americans I admire:

MariYUMs Kitchen

Mariam is a Muslim Palestinian American food blogger who gained an enormous following on TikTok (3.8 million to be exact!). She makes a variety of recipes such as aesthetically pleasing bread, Instagrammable desserts and nostalgic West Asian food. She breaks down each step of her recipes to make it easier for you to try it out. Check out her videos here!

Ramy Youssef

Golden Globe winner Ramy Youssef is the creative genius behind Ramy (2019), a show about a Muslim Egyptian American millennial who navigates his life in New Jersey. The Hulu television show is one of my absolute favorites because it is the only American television show with an Arab and Muslim lead actor covering topics about the Arab and Muslim experience in the U.S. There are dramatic and comedic elements to the story. The plot is something you will not see anywhere else.

Fun fact: UC Irvine alumna Sahar Jahani worked as a writer on the first season of the show.

Mohammed "Mo" Amer 

Mo Amer is a comedian and actor who also acted in Ramy. In his Netflix comedy special, Mo Amer: The Vagabond (2018), he discusses his Palestinian background, his experiences of being a refugee and his pathway to citizenship. It is essential to support people of color, especially women and queer people of color, in comedy because it still remains a space dominated by average white, cis male and straight dudes.


Faouzia Ouihya is actually from Canada, but she is still a very influential singer and songwriter in the U.S. The young Moroccan singer recently released a beautiful song with John Legend called “Minefields,” which I highly recommend you listen to. She balances her career as a singer-songwriter and a computer engineering student at the University of Manitoba. Her music can be found on all streaming platforms.

Subhi Taha 

Subhi is a Palestinian Filipino American comedian and fashion designer based in Texas. He first gained a following on YouTube, where he shared his life as a Muslim and Arab American through educational and comedic videos. His TikToks, especially the impressions, are incredibly hilarious and heartwarming to watch. He also designs menswear which is influenced by his practices of Islam. Go check out his YouTube videos and graphic apparel!

Many other Arab American creators out there deserve the recognition of their hard work and dedication to pushing for more positive representation in the U.S. Please remember to continue to celebrate all the different types of Arab cultures and people even after April!

Here is an additional list of Arab TikTok accounts you need to follow by Millie World.