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10 Accounts to Follow for Creative Inspiration

Creative burnout is a real and very common concept that artists and pop culture enthusiasts suffer through. We consume so many different types of influential media from scrolling through TV shows or YouTube videos to watch next, listening to the latest podcast, to completing long and boring readings for our classes. Personally, when so much of it is thrown at me, I become extremely anxious and overwhelmed. This is why I wanted to share with you 10 accounts on Instagram that are very easy on the eyes, and hopefully will give you some quality creative inspiration. 

1. Laetitia Ky | @laetitiaky 

She is an Irish artist who uses her hair to sculpt unique visuals regarding issues about women and society. She spreads messages of empowerment and inspiration for black women and the infinite possibilities of what their hair can look like. 

2. Tamara | @toucheconomy

This is an upcoming conceptual artist who has a keen ability to help viewers look at the small details of domestic items and physical features a lot differently. Looking at her work is like getting a new pair of eyes or experiencing enlightenment. 

3. Christian Coppola | @ccopp

Coppola is a videographer and photographer who actively works with celebrities such as Kiernan Shipka and Maggie Rogers. He has an eye for capturing moments in a way that is similar to nostalgic home videos, even when filming a runway during fashion week. 

4. Nicole McLaughlin | @nicolemclaughlin 

McLaughlin is a fashion designer who upcycles pieces of clothing, accessories and other knickknacks and creates something completely new. She is leading the future of sustainable fashion and artistic innovation.

5. Tanaka Tatsuya | @tanaka_tatsuya 

This is a Japanese miniature artist who replaces many human-size items with small items, such as dice and matches, to create worlds like no other. He is a master of the distinct and specialized craft.

6. Marius Sperlich | @mariussperlich

Sperlich is the second conceptual artist on the list who focuses on highlighting parts of the human body. His sensual art direction has been featured in magazines such as Playboy and Glamour. 

7. Simone Vezzani | @simone.vezzani 

A CGI artist who makes visuals that are otherworldly and gets his inspiration from his own memories and dreams. The use of placing dark and alarming situations in real-life settings makes me excited, but hesitant, for the future of visual reality.

8. Mr Doodle | @mrdoodle

This is an artist who proves that doodling can be a full-time career! Mr. Doodle doodles on walls, furniture and other surfaces and creates clothing of his drawings. His thick, defined lines showcase a personal and modern take on Keith Harding’s iconic technique. 

9. Gab Bois | @gabbois 

The third conceptual artist on the list, Gab Bois, pushes people to reimagine what they are surrounded by daily. She plays around with food, light bulbs, broken plates and other mediums to showcase the possibilities of what can be turned into art.

10. Things I have drawn | @thingsihavedrawn

A father named Tom brings drawings done by his two young sons to life on this account. Even though they are two-dimensional, Tom adds textures to the elevated drawings that make them look like true photographs. He inspires parents to support their own kids in their artistic endeavors. He is the father of the year!

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