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Her mist eyes hung low at the kitchen sink,

Left facing down at the home’s disarray. 

Deserted in her vast ocean to think,

Until the apron hung on tight like clay.

Her waves cradle her children’s continents, 

Swallowing their sand in roaring tides.

Under the moon’s amber glare and conscience,

She shoved away ancestral whispers’ guides. 

Sailors coasting her harbor fair warning,

For her waters’ abyss veils the past’s ruin.

From men’s desire to tame her swelling storm, 

Mother rifts ships from her tempest’s doing.

Becoming forgotten she drifts in strife, 

From mother’s daughter, elixir of life.

Halle Antoine

UC Berkeley '22

Halle is a Senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Media Studies with a minor in Creative Writing. She is passionate about racial justice issues in which she hopes to help the community as a tennis coach and in her articles. When not on the tennis courts, you can find her listening to K Pop or watching Disney movies!