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Would You Like A Free Donut? (Why Communication Is Important)

       Free lovely donuts were so close, but this silly person couldn’t say that he was hungry because he skipped breakfast. As you can see in this example, communication is the power. Everything depends on how an interlocutor conveys his/her idea; if he/she does it well, then you, probably, will get donuts in theoretical future, but if he/she cannot form the speech properly, you will not understand him/her, and this whole sequence of misunderstanding will lead to nowhere! No donuts. Imagine!


     Here is the scene: You are with your mother or father in the car, and you are having the conversation about your school day. You try to explain your parent why you hate your teacher who for some strange and not understandable reasons did not accept your explanation of why you did not bring your homework to class today, even though those explanations contained a tragic story about how you tried so hard doing this difficult homework and when you finished it, your cruel, evil and not favourite dog, anymore, ate it. Moreover, this teacher gave you an “F” for this assignment thus showing disrespect to you and your work. Finishing your heartfelt monologue, you expect your parent to support your righteous indignation, but instead of that, you hear, something like, “ So your day was good?” or even worse, “ I think your teacher was right.” And suddenly, your mom or dad becomes enemy to you with whom you will never talk again. You feel sad because of the words that have been spoken. Why didn’t they understand you? What caused this misunderstanding between you and your parents?

     Let’s look at this situation in the car again. Your parents didn’t understand you because they weren’t imbued in your situation. They were too busy due to driving and paying attention to the road to decrease the probability of getting into any car accidents. If you had been at home, they would be able to consider your story meticulously. Remembering their time at school and similar situations happening between them and professors, they would understand your feelings and probably support you. However, they did not have time to think about your story in the car, so there was no problem with how you formulated your monologue; instead of that, it seemed to be about people’s desire to understand others and their feelings. Unfortunately, this describes the majority of people. They focus on their own lives and problems. They skip words of others if these people do not talk about them. People became deaf. But if you do not listen when another person talks, then how would you be able to understand his feelings?

      There are so many excellent and wonderful things that could have happened if there had been somebody who would be able to listen and understand the person when he really needed that. What would happen if the leaders of two biggest and beautiful countries had met together, and found a compromise? I know what:  a miracle! Listening to someone is not difficult at all; you just stop for a moment, look at the great person who is next to you and ask, “What is going on in your life?” Who knows? You may get a donut.


A passionate and sarcastic writer-poet.
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