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This summer, I started working at a chocolate store just off College Avenue. Now that I’ve worked there for several months, I think I can officially say that I have one of the best jobs for a college student. Here are my top three reasons why:

1. Spreading Happiness

Whenever a bonbon fails to meet the appearance standard, due to aspects such as its coloring, it automatically becomes a sample. I always love when I get to offer a customer a sample, especially when it’s a child. Seeing the smile on their faces brings me back to when my parents would take me to the chocolate store for a special occasion. I love that chocolate can create so much joy and I am thankful to get to be a part of that.

2. Taste Testing

Jordy, Jordy Music, Chocolate Rose,
Photo by Dante Velasquez

One of my favorite parts of working at a chocolate store is that the training involves taste testing all the bonbons, chocolate bars, and pastries. This requirement exists because of how important it is that workers are able to describe the specific flavor of each chocolate when customers ask (and they quite often do!). It’s great to be paid to eat delicious chocolate! Of course, now that I know my favorites, I’m also reinvesting the money from my paycheck back into buying chocolates to take home. But hey, the taste testing is still a blast.

3. Always Having a Gift

Another reason I love my job is that I never have to worry about getting someone a gift, whether it’s for a birthday, or Christmas, or anything in between. My friends and family all love the chocolates, and I know which are their favorite flavors. With my employee discount, my loved ones get a gift they love and it’s still convenient and affordable for me.

Jennifer Brown

UC Berkeley '24

Jenny is a sophomore at UC Berkeley, originally from New York City. At the moment, she intends to major in business and minor in math. She loves fashion, being active, and meeting people (Her Instagram is @jenniferr.brown)