Why Asa Akira's Memoir "Dirty Thirty" is a Must-Read

Why Asa Akira’s Memoir Dirty Thirty is a Must-Read



        Asa Akira is an Asian-American porn star, and a very popular one at that. She currently holds rank 9 in the list of most popular starlets on Pornhub and has performed in 505 adult films. What sets Akira apart from other porn actresses is her humor, wit, and talent for writing alluring accounts of her eventful life and career. Even someone completely unfamiliar with the realm of porn will find her written works evocative and engaging. 

Asa Akira posing with her first memoir, Insatible: Porn - A Love Story at a book signing.


        Dirty Thirty is Akira’s second memoir, following on the heels of her successful Insatiable: Porn - A Love Story, and was published in July 2016. The book is a series of personal essays that recount events in Akira’s life leading up to her turning 30, a dreaded age in the porn industry when most women start to wonder if their time in the limelight is over. 


Her topics range from advice on love (she has been married to fellow porn star Toni Ribas for over 4 years now) to her experimentation with drugs (in her hey day, Akira was an opiate junkie who has since gone sober) to her thoughts on women’s sexuality (Akira declares herself a feminist who, unsurprisingly, thinks women should be sexually liberated).



Asa Akira and husband Toni Ribas at the Adult Video News Awards Show.


        A free sample excerpt of Dirty Thirty is available to read on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Dirty-Thirty-Memoir-Asa-Akira/dp/1627781641. From this excerpt, you can get a feel for Akira’s charmingly conversational narrative tone, as in her description of her friend Bill:


“I was flying home from a dance gig from a dance gig with my friend Bill. I call him my friend because ‘assistant’ sounds pretentious, ‘roadie’ sounds like I think I’m a rockstar, and ‘bodyguard’ is ridiculous, considering he is a five-foot-three, fifty-four-year-old Chinese man (not the Kung Fu kind) in thick glasses who gets his nails painted when he comes with me for a pedicure. Also, he jerks off while wearing women’s underwear.” 


As you can tell, Akira leaves no holds barred in her accounts, taking the tell-all selling point of celebrity autobiographies to a new level. Barnes & Noble’s synopsis begins with the suggestive slogan “get inside Asa Akira!” and The Daily Beast even calls the book “something more intimate than sex”. 


Asa Akira posing playfully in front of a hotel.


So, if any of you are looking for a fun, erotic piece of literature to fill your time between classes and studying, pick up a copy of Dirty Thirty. You won’t regret it.