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What His Playlist Says About Him

You’ve probably scoped out his Spotify playlist in Facebook, or done a quick scan through his iPod to find a soundtrack for a road trip. Here’s a fun list of what you can infer about his personality from his taste in music.

Mr. Retroactive
Playlist: The Smiths, Echo and the Bunnymen, My Bloody Valentine

You’ll either fall in love with his careless bouffant and tight-ass jeans or else blow him off as a pretentious prick. His favorite haunts are the downtown thrift shop and the little-known café down the street, where you can find him engaged in a discussion on the upsides of the 1980’s or else waiting silently for his order with a melancholy pout. He is bathed in a curious and perpetual haze of lingering cigarette smoke, contrived angst, and the undeniable stench of Folger’s instant coffee. He wears his non-prescription Ray Ban glasses proudly because they’re vintage

Heaven knows he’s miserable now. 

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The Indie Sensitive
Playlist: Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens, Camera Obscura

Soft and gentle by nature, the Indie Sensitive is all about empathy and listening to your problems with an ambient acoustic album playing in the background of his studio apartment. Environmental activism is his cause of choice and you can often find this gentle soul at your local market buying fresh produce in a cozy organic T-shirt and worn-in Toms. 

By the way, he got there on a fixed-gear bicycle. 

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The Studly Stoner
Playlist: Bob Marley, Rebelution, Sublime

This guy is friends with everyone, mainly because of just how easy it is to approach such a laidback personality. He’s typified by an easygoing smile and a carefree attitude that says he’s just about down for anything, especially if that something entails buying Rasta-colored accessories and copious amounts of weed. While he’s a solid person to kick back with, he’s not exactly the best person to call when you want some practical advice that doesn’t sound like a quote from The Big Lebowski. 

Or, you know, Bob Marley lyrics.

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Mainstream Man
Playlist: LMFAO, Kanye West, Katy Perry

This type of music man is your Average Joe, a pop culture everyman whose daily tunes rarely ever deviate from the selection of mainstream radio. He’s the kind of guy who watches a TV show just because it’s on, the kind of guy who makes decisions just because an option happens to be there. While his incidental nature might make him a poor companion for more original and creative personalities, he’s oftentimes a decent guy that, if anything, will provide you with a good indication of the nature of today’s modern man.  

The online habitat of today’s modern man. 

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Style Master
Playlist: Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, Tyler the Creator

In contrast to the Mainstream Man, this brand of male prides himself on an ability to keep in touch with trends before they become trendy. He’s always up to date on the latest music, the coolest clothing styles, the hippest technology and the newest dance moves. He most often listens to the off-beat stylings of more contemporary rap artists, preferably blasting out of the state-of-the-art smartphone tucked into the pocket of his well-tailored jeans. The fastest way to befriend this male fashion plate is, of course, to strike up a conversation about some aspect of his artful appearance. Depending on how hip you are, you may or may not recognize the brand name of his colorful graphic tee.

But it won’t be the Hundreds ’cause that’s so last year.

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The Rocker
Playlist: ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Like Mr. Retroactive, this guy often seems to see himself as part of a whole other decade, diving up from a sea of last-century rock for the quickest breath of music from contemporary bands. He wears the typical paraphernalia of classic rock concerts and often finds himself lost in talks with his buddies about their upcoming fame. Start a conversation with him and he’ll inevitably wind up telling you about his band’s latest gig or the one song he wrote with his friends in his mom’s basement two weeks ago. But while he imagines himself to be a rock-‘n’-rolling free loving spirit, he’s really not even that great at guitar. 

He also gets his band shirts from Hot Topic.

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Regardless of what musical taste a guy has, there’s bound to be something about him that surprises you. Whether it comes down to his personality or his playlist, remember that each guy is a special, special flower unique in his own special way.

Or maybe I meant snowflake.
P.S. Did we forget any other musical male stereotypes? Let us know in the comments below!

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