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UNIQLO Grand Opening – San Francisco

UNIQLO, a globally renowned Japanese clothing brand, officially opened its doors in San Francisco on Friday, Oct. 5. The company, which traces its history back to Yamaguchi in the mid-20th century, prides itself on basic, high-quality garments that are both “stylish and hyperpractical,” both “innovative and fun.”

In honor of the unveiling of its fifth U.S. store, UNIQLO offered a variety of discounts only eligible for opening weekend. Sales included $10 pairs of multicolored, Japanese denim jeans; as well as $15 Oxford shirts and $50 cashmere sweaters. Basic V-neck t-shirts and UNIQLO’s much-promoted, ultra-light down jackets were also available.

With such prices, the store naturally attracted a vast multitude of visitors from around Union Square, rendering necessary the formation of a security-guarded line outside the main entrance. Access to the store interior revealed three stories of even more eager shoppers, interspersed in perpetually shifting crowds among the shelves and racks of rainbow-colored merchandise.

Judging from the heft and sheer number of bags of exiting shoppers—and the contentment of an undying bargain-hunter in the form of yours truly—UNIQLO’s opening weekend was well worth the wait.

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