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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

Now that the spring semester is finally here, I’ve decided to take advantage of the warmer weather and spend more time studying under the sun. While it can be tempting to hole up in a library — or, let’s be honest, just study from your bed — a little fresh air and sunshine never hurt anyone, and it just might make your study routine a little more bearable. So grab your picnic blankets and get your WiFi hotspot ready for these three outdoor study spots on the UC Berkeley campus!

1. The Glade

Be honest, how many times have you walked through the Glade on a sunny day, looked over at the students studying on the grass, and wished that was you? The Glade is the perfect spot to study outside alone or with friends, with plenty of space to spread out a picnic blanket or even set up a hammock between some of the trees along the far edge of the grass. 

2. The Campanile Esplanade

This is the perfect outdoor study spot if you’re looking for a little more shade. Avoid any potential sunburns or computer glare by studying in the courtyard outside the Campanile under one of the many trees. The benches in the area are a great place to sit and get some work done between classes!

3. Outside of Davis Hall

If you have a heavier homework load or just prefer to work at a table, check out the upstairs area outside of Davis Hall. With several tables located under a wood trellis, this study spot offers a little more privacy, with fewer students passing through, and is the perfect place to work alone or with a group. I discovered this spot last year while studying with my roommate, and it’s been a personal favorite of mine ever since!

One of the best things about the UC Berkeley campus is the beautiful green spaces, and the spring semester is the perfect time to take the opportunity to explore and mix up your study routine. If you need a break from crowded libraries and coffee shops, order your drink to go, and check out one of these three outdoor study spots on campus!

Sophia Stockton

UC Berkeley '24

Sophia is a junior at UC Berkeley, where she is currently studying sociology and psychology. Originally from San Diego, Sophia spends most of her free time at the beach, listening to music, cooking, or taking photos.