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With fast fashion trends at an all-time high, it’s hard not to cave in and purchase that trendy piece every influencer seems to be pushing. Although it’s definitely easier said than done, it’s always my mission to find timeless pieces to invest in. So whenever I’m window shopping, I keep an eye out for certain prints that I know can withstand the current trend cycle. Below are my top three timeless patterns and how to integrate each into your regular wardrobe. 

1) Stripes 

Anna Schultz-Crossed Hands With Rings
Anna Schultz / Her Campus

Although a more obvious pick, stripes will truly never go out of style. This pattern is the perfect style for a summer dress or a sleek button-up. The possibilities are endless! Vertical or horizontal stripes, both add a little something extra to your closet basics.

2) Polka-dots

Girl Against Brick Wall
Breanna Coon / Her Campus

Polk-a-dots look best when incorporated subtly into your outfit. Opt for small polka-dots to avoid a more childish look. This print works with any color and for any season. Plus, it’s the perfect pattern for your mask. 

3) Plaid

Of course, the classic flannel jacket comes to mind, but plaid can be incorporated into any outfit in so many other ways. Try wearing a gingham scarf, checkered sneakers, or even a patterned mini skirt to add a touch of plaid to your outfit. 

Thalia Colarian

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Thalia is a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in English and minoring in Armenian Studies. When she’s not reading or writing, you can catch her binging the newest series on Netflix, blasting Taylor Swift’s entire discography on repeat, or on a battery-draining phone call with her sister. Thalia is passionate about writing in whatever form possible; her favorite things to write include poetry, short fiction, and personal essays. Her Campus allows Thalia the creative freedom to explore her interests on paper and grow as a writer.
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