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As an English major, I have visited many bookstores during my time at Berkeley. If you’re looking to find a good book or buy the required readings for your courses this semester, here are five of my favorite book stores you can visit:

1. Sleepy Cat Books 

Located on Telegraph Avenue with a five-minute walk from campus, this is one of the cutest bookstores on my list. Their residential “sleepy cat” Layla can always be found resting on the windowsill of the bookstore or sleeping on her little cat bed. Although the store is small compared to others on this list, they still have a great selection of books. 

2. Friends of the Berkeley Public Library 

If you are looking for a place to find cheap books in Berkeley, this is definitely the place for you. Almost everything in the bookstore is under $4, in part because all the books are donated by patrons of the Berkeley Public Library. When you purchase a book from the store, all the proceeds go back to the Berkeley Public Library system to support their programs. You’ll be supporting a great cause while funding your reading obsession!

3. Moe’s Books 

This iconic bookstore in Berkeley is well-known by many Berkeley students, in part because it is a four-minute walk from campus and is one of the biggest bookstores in Berkeley, featuring four floors of books. If books aren’t really your style, they also have a large collection of posters and cards on the first floor. The selection of books at Moe’s can’t be beaten and makes it a perfect place to go to buy books for your courses. 

4. Pegasus Books

This is another well-known book store in Berkeley and one of the bigger ones on this list. Located further down from campus in Downtown Berkeley, Pegasus Books has a wide variety of books from many different genres. 

5. Half Price Books

Also located in Downtown Berkeley, Half Price Books sells used books at cheap prices. They also buy your used books so if you ever need a place to drop off old textbooks, you know where to go! 

I hope you were able to find an interesting bookstore you would like to visit from this list. Happy reading! 

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Samantha Herrera

UC Berkeley '23

Hello! My name is Samantha Herrera and I am currently a Junior English major minoring in Journalism and Creative Writing. In my free time, I love reading, writing, and community service. I love talking about books and reading so if you ever need any book recommendations I'm the person to talk to!
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