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Top 5 Songs From Kim & Kanye’s Love Story

Winter break has come to an end and school has begun. But even during the holiday season, drama in the celebrity world didn’t take a rest. Arguably some of the biggest news this winter has been the rumored divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Whether or not the news is true, let’s take a walk down memory lane and listen to some of the best songs Kanye has written about Kim:

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#1: “Bound 2”

#2: “Wouldn’t Leave”

#3: “Violent Crimes”

#4: “Saint Pablo”

#5: “Cold”

While their love story might have ended, these songs are a lasting reminder of one of the most iconic couples of the decade. As Kanye West said, they were “bound to fall in love.”

Dixie Valle

UC Berkeley '22

Dixie is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Political Science. She is also minoring in public policy and education. On her free time, she loves watching reality tv and listening to music.
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