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Still from the film \'Promising Young Woman\'
Still from the film \'Promising Young Woman\'
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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

We’ve all been there. You start watching New Girl and fall in love with the quirkiness of Jess Day, or see a photo of Nicole Kidman circa Practical Magic and think to yourself, “You know what, I should try bangs!” Especially as quarantine took over our lives, the temptation to try some new fringe was real for many of us – boy, was Brad Mondo busy! They’re fun, quirky, different, give off the not like the other girls vibe, and can really give you a little something extra to elevate your look. However, they’re definitely not for everyone. As a serial bang-wearer myself (first through my childhood years from 2006-2013 and from 2020 to now), here’s all you need to know before taking the plunge. 

Face Shape 

Your face shape is important in figuring out whether or not bangs will be a good fit for you! Personally, I think bangs look best on those with larger foreheads (at least the width of your four fingers) and sharper face structures, especially if you’re looking to soften up your look. However, for more specific face shapes, you might consider side bangs, blunt bangs, baby bangs, or the like! I would also consider your hairline. If you have a widow’s peak, curtain bangs might be a better bet for you, since it will be difficult to train your hair to fall forward towards your face. 


It’s important to note that bangs do require a certain amount of care. I blow dry my bangs with a round brush (although recently, I have found that a normal brush works really well for a less poofy look) every time I wash them. To refresh them on the day to day, you might add some dry shampoo and use a flat iron, round brush, or blow dryer to give them back their shape. Bangs also grow out fast! Based on your desired length and hair growth rate, you’ll need to trim them every five to eight weeks. To do this yourself, cut horizontally across as evenly as you can, leaving about a half-inch of buffer room, and then go in vertically to add some texture (unless you want a blunt cut). If you’re someone looking for a hairstyle with low maintenance, bangs might not be right for you.

Growing Out Your Bangs  

Bangs can also take a considerable amount of time to grow out, and when they do, they’re not the cutest, as proven by a photo of me circa 2014 tying my grown-out bangs back with a hair tie and a neon green headband. And if you don’t have layers, it can be difficult to blend your bangs back into the rest of your cut. Growing out bangs requires continuous maintenance and styling to make sure they look natural with your style and aren’t in your face. 

These factors aside, I have absolutely loved my bangs! For me, they’ve helped me embrace my femininity and creativity as I’ve learned how to style them in different ways and enhance my look. I say, take the plunge! There’s nothing like a fresh do to help you embrace a confident new you!

Ariana Kretz

UC Berkeley '24

Ariana Kretz is a second year at UC Berkeley, and is majoring in History with minors in Public Policy and Conservation and Resource Studies. She is passionate about racial justice, restorative justice, and LGBTQIA+ issues, and works with various advocacy groups on and off campus to bring these issues to light. Ariana loves being a part of Her Campus as a creative outlet and a way to connect with other amazing women and femmes!