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Tips for Success at Zoom University

Since making the transition to online school, a lot has changed. Before, if you were anything like me, you had some sort of ritual or routine figured out. For me, it was drinking Yerba Mate and finding new shortcuts to get to class faster. But now, we have to modify our routines to stay motivated. Whether you’re on campus or not, here are a few tips for success in online school:

Tip #1: Beat Zoom fatigue. 

Since everything is online at the infamous Zoom University, you might start getting the dreaded Zoom fatigue. Taking a break and eating a snack always works. Seriously. If you’ve been in class all day, you also need to remember to stretch. By taking a break from technology, you will allow your mind to continue working properly. I love using productivity apps that remind you to take breaks such as Forest or Pomodoro. All you have to do is take a break every 25 minutes or so. 

woman stretching in bed
Photo by Bruce Mars from Unsplash

Tip #2: Stay organized.

The key to staying organized is to have your schedule on the wall. This way, you’ll be able to differentiate your class time from your free time. For me, color coding my classes helps me distinguish them from one another. Bonus points if you add office hours on a sticky note! Another thing that helps me is keeping a digital Fall 2020 folder containing subfolders for each of my classes. It’s all about having everything in one place.

#3: Establish a routine. 

Are you completely dependent on Berkeley time? Do you have those days when you wake up and for some reason, it’s harder to get out of bed? If so, it’s OK. We’ve all been there. To prevent this rut, you need to establish a consistent routine. I recommend getting out of bed as soon as you wake up. In addition, going to sleep earlier, cleaning your desk before class, or looking forward to something — no matter how small — will make a big difference.

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Maks Styazhkin on Unsplash

#4: Be kind to yourself.

Do you ever finally have the time to do that one assignment you’ve been putting off, but now you don’t have the motivation to get it done? I’m talking about those moments when you have time, but you just want to lay in bed or get some boba because even just staring at the wall feels better than doing homework. I’ve certainly been there. While it’s great if you can just get started on your work, sometimes a lack of motivation is your body telling you it needs a break. Just by going on a short walk, picking up a book, or doing some art, you’ll feel better.

Vivian Rivera

UC Berkeley '21

Vivian is a senior at UC Berkeley studying English Literature. She dedicates her time on books, creating art, making tea blends, and loves podcasts on self growth. Vivian is also a dancer and frequent journaling connoisseur. She loves to discover new recipes and focus on health related articles.
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