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Tips and Tricks for Game-Days

We are two home games into the football season. Game days might just be one of the best parts of your student life at Cal, so we came up with a few ways for you to tackle them like a pro.


Hit Up Your Favorite Carbs

Yes, we said it, that part of the human diet that is often criminalized and underappreciated, carbs. Although historically, television dictates otherwise carbs can be just the right thing to keep your game going strong during football season. 

If you decide to drink, make sure to swing by Noah’s or TopDog to get your carbohydrate fill. Carbs can help soak up the alcohol and ensure a game-day you’ll actually remember.

Sport That Berkeley Blue and California Gold

Whether it’s dawning your favorite game day brand apparel, like those chic cheerleader skirts from Hype and Vice, or going all out with your t-shirt and temporary tattoos from T-Shirt Orgy, make sure to show your school spirit! Awesome game-day apparel will not only add to gameday fun, but it also makes for great insta posts at the end of the day.





Don’t Forget To Hydrate

Yes, ladies, we are talking lots and lots of water. Staying hydrated is important during game-days, particularly during the daytime. You can get over-heated or dehydrated without even knowing it!!



Double Check That You Have Your Tickets

People, especially Freshman, do not forget that you actually have to register online to get into football games. No one wants to be that person that waits in the long stadium line and makes through security only to discover that they don’t actually have a ticket.


Often wrong.
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