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Having been thrown into a virtual setting this year, I was introduced to the explosive world of TikTok. From renegades and whipped coffee to even weirder trends, I believe I’ve seen the deepest, darkest parts of life through this app. TikTok has turned out to be the latest rave and addiction for most young teens and college students alike, competing against school assignments for their time. 

So here I am, ready to feed our addiction with my very own curated list of TikTok content creators. These are the accounts that keep me up scrolling at 3 am when I should be sleeping. If you’re not already following them, you probably should. 

#1: Julian (@alsojulianfrndz)

First off, we have this wonderful soul who keeps his followers sane. Julian is located in the Bay Area, and if that isn’t already a plus, he has a variety of TikToks with vibes ranging from hilarious to calming. His latest series is just him talking to the camera while he washes his car or eats during his work breaks, making you feel at peace and entertained by his charismatic personality. If you ever just feel alone or want some wholesome content, check out Julian! 

woman texting
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

#2: Grace Tulevech (@tulevech)

If you haven’t seen her or heard of her, this is your sign to look her up. Grace’s TikTok page is full of relatable content that you’ve probably thought of but never heard someone address. Her facial expressions, attitude, and sense of humor is genuinely such a stress-reliever! The next time you want a nice break from your homework, definitely check her out! 

#3: Spencer (@spencerwuah)

Daily screams. Hilarious hot takes. Spencer is just indescribable. He goes from funny, chill content (well, for the most part) to videos that are so moving even my friends wouldn’t hate me for sending almost every video to them. So, if you want consistent volume changes and alarm ringtones for all those assignments you probably haven’t touched, go binge his videos!

TikTok Body Image
Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

Hopefully, these recommendations make your love for TikTok all the more strong. And if you do not already love the app, well, maybe this is what you need to jumpstart that toxic obsession. But hey, the app isn’t all bad! It also provides the comic relief we all need in these times of anguish and uncertainty, so go for it and have a laugh.

Hey y’all! I’m a Sophomore @ UC Berkeley intending in (Biological) Anthropology and Nutritional Science: Toxicology ? I dabble in too much to have set number of hobbies, but that only means I love everything and anything !
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